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wall street and starving people

We are one greedy body of people.

Our insatiable need to keep our standard of living up to par is sickening to me.  Our crisis on Wall Street can be blamed on more than a bunch of crooked and filthy rich bankers.  Sure, I’m confident they have done their share and then some.  But our need to have the latest, greatest, shiniest and biggest—no matter the cost or how we had to finance it when we couldn’t wait to buy it when we could afford it—has contributed to the mess we are now experiencing in our markets.

Several weeks ago I ran across a blog by a woman (author Anne Jackson at her blog flower dust—see her post here) in Nashville who claims she has raised over $100,000 with the help of just a few hundred people.  Amazing what can be done when just a couple concerned people get together.  It is mind blowing that some people still manage to live under the oppression of such abject poverty in a world so full of wealth and abundance—despite the greed on Wall Street (and main street).  It truly is a different world in other places than we call home.  There are people starving and we are worried about how we will keep our six bedroom house for a family of four.  

Starvation is real.

What could we do to help if we forgot about ourselves for a moment and got together for a bigger cause than some stupid federal 700 billion dollar bailout designed to keep this monster called our economy rolling?

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