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rock star status

The wife of Todd, self-described pit bull with lipstick, former sportscaster, governor of our largest state, hockey mom, friend of Joe Six-Pack, former high basketball player known as Sarah Barracuda, reported tenth cousin of the late Princess Diana, media target, accused Wikipedia scrubber, former mayor of Wasilla, bible carrying, moose hunting, former beauty queen…

Could it be true?

Sarah Palin—is now a potential rock-star?

A local radio station here in Detroit reported this morning (as did every other news outlet in the country) that the Pussy Cat Dolls might be a possible suitor for Sarah Palin if things don’t work out the way she hopes they do.  Singer Nicole Scherzinger has invited her to join the group if her election bid fails next month.   Scherzinger said, She seems like a headstrong woman, a tough chick. And she’s hot.

Well, it’s not going to happen. 

Sorry to disappoint anyone who thought it might.

One thing is for sure however—win or lose the election—Sarah Palin, like Barack Obama, has risen to rock star status.

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