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the line between addiction and abuse

Complete abstinence is easier than perfect moderation. 



When does addiction become abuse?

Or, a better question might be—When is addiction just a cover for abuse?

I am a recovering self-help junkie; meaning that I can abuse self-help without even giving it a thought.  In other words, I need a lot more God-help in my life and a lot less Ken-help.

Addictions die hard.    

My experience has taught me that very often addiction is just a guise for abuse.  It would be naive to assert that addiction is not real, but on the other side of the coin it can quickly become the everlasting cop out.  How many times have we failed to take responsibility for our actions by masking our selfishness with something that is rooted in a victim mentality?  It’s an excuse we want more than a responsible approach to our problem.

True recovery doesn’t entail dishonesty, and it certainly can’t embrace addiction if the real issue is abuse.

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