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While I don’t use my blog primarily as a platform or as an avenue to endorse a political candidate or particular agenda, I did find the video below moving.  I am pro-life and not ashamed one ounce.  It is a watershed issue and to borrow from my friend Dr. George Grant—Whatever a thinking Christian’s position might be on the war in Iraq, the crisis on Wall Street, the credit bail out, the war on terror, illegal immigration, the failure of government education, or soaring deficits, this bedrock issue must surely take precedence. If we cannot agree to protect this most basic right, the right to life itself, then every other right is ultimately at risk.

While I am no nationalist (in other words, I believe Jesus Christ suffered and died some two-thousand years ago just as much for a woman in Africa as he did for a guy in America)—I am grateful for the heritage we have here in our great country. 

Thanks to Dr. George Grant for posting this on his blog.

  1. October 26, 2008 at 3:08 am

    I agree that a respect for life is a fundamental value on which so many other issues rest. But I wonder at our tunnel vision which focuses so much on the rights of the unborn, and neglects the lives of the living. If we can reduce unwanted pregnancies — a goal any sane person can agree is desirable — abortions will also decline. We can outlaw abortions, of course. But they will still occur, as they did before abortion was made legal. Isn’t addressing the cause more important than merely treating the symptom? Respect for life also surfaces in how we treat our elderly, our children, our minorities, our disenfranchised, and so on. Abortion is one symptom of an underlying cause at work in so many places in our culture: a lack of love for others and for oneself. If we care about ourselves, we respect our sexuality and unwanted pregnancies would be much rarer. If we care about ourselves, we care about others, and see in them the image of Christ. If we did all in the name of whatever god we worshipped, instead of acting for ourselves, most of our deepest problems would ease. The solution, then, is not to waste so much energy and time in the fight to outlaw abortion (and treat only one symptom), but to find ways to teach how to satisfy this deep hunger for love that so many in the West feel each day. Christianity certainly offers one way, and their are others, which we ignore to our cost.

    Thanks for reading.

  2. October 26, 2008 at 3:06 pm

    I completely agree with what you said. I recently read an article written by a pianist who is a black man that will not vote for Obama because he is pro-abortion and stem-cell research and so much more. As I was reading that article, I cried. After thinking about actually voting for the first time, I can not in good consciousness, as a Christian do it. I cannot vote for someone who says it is okay to kill babies whether it is to benefit medical research or because we are too scared to have a baby or allow homosexuals to marry. This country was founded on God. It is so sad how it has lost its way.

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