I wouldn’t have a brother

…every once in a while I will make what I feel is a nessacary recommendation.

Today is one such time.

And I am not all too worried about what folks who have nothing but disregard for the unborn would have to say.

Barack Obama might be all smiles seen here with Cecile Richards (the CEO of Planned Parenthood), but the voting record of Mr. Obama when it comes to the sanctity of life and the most basic of protections for our most vulnerable (the unborn), is nothing to smile about. 

It actually makes my stomach turn.

My friend Dr. George Grant has launched a new blog dedicated to exposing the evils of the pro-abortion agenda, or as he puts it—Planned Parenthood’s Deadly Legacy.  After getting a look at a good many of his posts all I could say was Amen—so be it. 

A close freind of mine was inches away from being aborted some thirty-one years ago now.  Today, he is the husband of Kimberly, the father of Jack, teaches journalism at Oakland University, and he is a rising star with The Wall Street Journal.  He is also a gifted orator, served as my best man in 1989, and I had the joy and honor of returning the favor in 2003.

Most significantly, he loves Jesus Christ.

His name is John Dempsey Stoll. 

He is my brother, and I wouldn’t have a brother if he’d have been barbarically murdered in the womb.  

I’m afraid that underneath Mr. Obama’s smooth rhetoric is a well crafted plan to see to it that less John Stolls make it out alive and more John Stolls never have a chance. 

Be sure to visit The Quick and the Dead to learn more.

  1. Eric
    October 27, 2008 at 12:01 am

    Republicans had the power of the White House and Congress for over 4 years. Thats plenty of time to change some laws, why didn’t they?. Why haven’t they changed it in over 35 years? Would changing the law stop it, or cause more suffering? I would argue that taking care of the poor is a Christian value, and that being wealthy has never been a Christian value therefore I am justified in voting democrat. I would argue based on Matthew Chap 24, vs 34-43 (and many other passages) that Christ has charged us with taking care of the poor and that if we fail to do so we will be cast into everlasting fire according to the new testament (read the passage). I would also argue that abortion is not the problem, but a symptom of the problem, which is poverty, and that by raising the level of education received, the number of good paying jobs available, and increasing the access to healthcare, those abortion numbers will drop drastically. However, that said, if the government forced my beliefs on the entire nation, it would be bad. If the government forced your beliefs on the nation it would be bad as well. What’s important is that the governement provide freedom of religion, and an unbiased law for people like you and I as Christians, and other religions as well so that we may all live together and seek happiness.

  2. blaine bartel
    October 27, 2008 at 12:06 am

    great post Ken — very moving story.

  3. kenstoll
    October 27, 2008 at 1:50 am

    …thanks for stopping by Eric.

    Well, I wasn’t defending the records of any Republicans as far as I remember. I am independent myself. I can understand to a degree why you may feel as though you have an axe to grind with that particular political party. I have been disappointed with them as well. I have also experienced disappointment with myself on a good number of occasions, so I wasn’t pointing fingers. I was simply stating some facts about my own brother—and Mr. Obama’s disgusting record (which surprisingly gets so little press) of standing with and protecting unashamed and unrepentant killers.

    Also, I wasn’t suggesting anyone should make you or I do anything. I was simply suggesting that any respectable body of people would value life and not legislate laws that protect murder.

    Simple, if you read what I said.

    Also, I have been involved (not just sending a check) with mercy ministries that reach and feed and cloth the poor for years now (you mention the ugly reality named poverty). I hope you are so fortunate to do the same if you haven’t—by the grace of God.

    Typically, I wouldn’t pat myself on the back so readily—but your insisting that we “all live together and seek happiness” rings of a hollow world view. As Christians our business should be to do the will of God—to which the whole lot of us fail to do from time to time. Yes, taking care of the poor should be our Christian response—but God doesn’t condone murder in the effort to do so.

    I get the feeling you are arguing we shouldn’t have any law and order since someone is sure to be offended by what you, or I, or John Doe for that matter—thinks is wrong or harmful to others.


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