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the audacity of questioning change

…the media elites darling couple isn’t used to questions that aren’t the under-handed soft balls they have obviously become accustomed to.  Who will get to ask an Obama administration real questions and who will have a voice in America under an Obama administration?  I am a long long ways from the far right that Mr. Biden refers to here and I think Mr. Obama’s tax ideas are socialistic (and if anyone would benefit from his policies of spreading the wealth it would be me).

One blogger hit the nail on the head—[the] Democrats indignation over this is hilarious. Has anyone noticed the overwhelming bias of the media for Obama? The Post, Times, CNBC, ABC, etc… all in one massive pep rally for their pet.  It shocks them when someone deviates from the norm and confronts the righteous legions for ‘change’.

There was a day I had a bit more admiration for Mr. Biden.

Sad to say, it’s been years.

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