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long lines and your voice

2453408678_9de02512b4_bI have received four emails this morning from friends telling about long lines at voting precincts.  It should come as no surprise.  I’m not sure this election is the most important to take place within a generation (as many are saying)—I’ll leave that to history to decide.  I will agree that it is a historic election, but isn’t every national election in it’s own right? 

If our individual vote comes down to the color of someones skin we haven’t come very far as a country (what a weak reason to vote).  Age, sex, and race shouldn’t decide any election.  The qualifications for the highest office in the land ought to be about a whole lot more than those distinctions.  The selection of our next president is an important choice no doubt.  But as my dad reminded me recently, when you get down to the way government works, the president is pretty limited in what he or she can do.  It’s why we have a Senate and a Congress.  I think they call it the balance of power, as I remember from grade school. 

Both sides in this election have varied ideas and present different visions for our imperfect government.  Mr. Obama recently joked at a dinner (he and Mr. McCain attended together) that he wasn’t born in a manger—I’m glad he made the distinction.  Well, we don’t need a savior, we need the best man for the job and someone who can do more than give a great speech or cop a nice smile.  The economy is an issue no doubt, we can’t eat and heat our homes without a solid economy (let alone defend ourselves against those who would attack us if they were able).  Something to consider though—how much of an issue will our economy be if our country is only more vulnerable to a threat like Iran (should they get nuclear missiles, and you can bet they are staying up all hours of the night to secure them). 

And on a side note, America has always had haters.  If our popularity in the world is our priority over our ethics and the protection of our young, elderly, handicapped, and disadvantaged—it’s going to be a hard fall that our America is sure to take in the days to come. 

We are sure to hear more about voter shenanigans, voter suppression and harassment, cheating poll workers tampering with results, broken and faulty machines, Black Panther members brandishing night sticks, and the acclaimed group Acorn. 

All of this aside, don’t forget to go back to your local precinct later and stand in the line as long as necessary to see to it that your voice heard.

  1. Lori Johns
    November 4, 2008 at 5:54 pm

    Very well said. I wish everyone could read your words.

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