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the genesis of false gospels

mark_driscoll2b92bmickeyAs several of you know, I have my favorite preachers as well as my not so favorite.   Mark Driscoll is certainly one of my favorites, he is bold no doubt and therefore a target for some.  While Mark is human and has his own set of shortcomings, he is not ashamed when it comes to preaching the unadulterated gospel of Jesus Christ.  Mark shared the following message a couple years back at a conference.  I found it splendid, and I have been treated to some gems.

While this isn’t his latest message, it doesn’t mean it’s not worth the listen.  If you have some chores around the house to do or can play it at the office—I’d venture to go out on a limb and say you won’t be disappointed.

In this mp3 from the 2004 Reformission Conference, Mark Driscoll discusses false gospels and why they exist. False gospels elevate man and the true gospel elevates and brings more value to God. False Gospels also give false hope. Paul encourages his listeners to be aware as false gospels tend to arise in the church. There are many false gospels seen in Genesis. The false gospel of pluralism. The false gospel called the gospel of feminism. The next false gospel that is in backlash to feminism is the gospel of chauvinism. The false gospel of affinity. After a failed attempt of affinity there is a false gospel of nationalism. Then there is a turn into a false gospel of individualism or self-rule. There is also the false gospel of spirituality or universalism. The redemptive part of the Genesis story goes from creation to curse to then covenant. God goes back to original intention of creation…

The Genesis of False Gospels: Download Audio Track here (you will need Musicmatch)

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