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244315143_87f48cc654_b1Have you found yourself on the winning end of an argument only to have lost in the end.

Relationships are touchy.  And I don’t think anything can sink one faster than a person with an ego big enough to think they are somehow above being imperfect and sometimes ugly themselves.

I just love it when someone starts into the whole she’s just manipulative, emotionally abusive, controlling, obsessive, jealous, passive aggressive, manic, and on and on and on.  I want to gag.  Look at yourself dude.  You are all that and more. 

Get into a relationship that isn’t entirely plastic and you are sure to get to know someone well enough to know that these are universal qualities.  And if you are at all transparent and in touch with yourself whatsoever—you will acknowledge you are no different.  Now, there are those of us who possess some of these not so attractive attributes in bigger measures no doubt.   But to suggest that there are jealous people and people who are not—is to be absolutely silly and quixotic.

Anyone who lives in such denial is living in relationship la la land.

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  1. MB
    November 29, 2008 at 8:40 pm

    Hi, just visiting from Josh Ratcliff’s blog. This blog made me laugh. I recently left a church due to relationship problems. Sigh. It’s such a hard thing to deal with. That wasn’t the only reason we left, but a big reason. Basically women can’t get along. I honestly have a better time dealing with men. But what really bugs me about other women, especially, is that they are so easy to point out your wrongs. One lady (her and her husband led a small group at the church Sun. Mornings) told me that I wasn’t “teachable” because I was getting upset at assumptions she had made about me and said to me. I don’t know anyone who would react well to accusations that weren’t true of them. So when I told her how I felt about those comments, she told me I wasn’t “teachable”. It made me realize that she wasn’t teachable either! But also that people are full of pride, unwilling to bend. In the end, this relationship crashed and burned (but it wasn’t going well regardless). But now I find myself at a new church, holding back because I feel like I don’t want to be burned again. You start to feel like YOU are the problem, not anyone else and so YOU should change, not them. And part of that is true. But now I just feel guarded about relationships outside my own family. I have one close friend and we’ve had our down points, but we’ve been able to get through them all. So I know I’m capable of keeping friends. Anyway, this is really long and I feel I’ve written a book..LOL. Basically my point is that i agree with you and that all people have failures. It’s our willingness to love them anyway that matters. Maybe I have alot to learn when it comes to that…in fact, I know I do.

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