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The God Who Wasn’t There

I’m not quite sure what the motive is in arguing that Jesus Christ never existed unless you just don’t much like him.  The clips used here to portray Christians represent what Christians like myself not only denounce—but that which we detest.  There is a religion that is toxic, and if the world has ever had a staunch and determined critic of the religion this video presents, it was Jesus Christ himself.  After all it was Jesus who made it his custom to hang out with publicans and prostitutes—much to the shagrin of the religious types this video tries to associate Jesus with. 

There is a counterfeit for everything real after all. 

The religion of some who name the name of Jesus have nothing to do with the Jesus of the bible.   You have factions and errant far wings of any group or movement.  There are bad apples on every healthy apple tree.   Just because one officer on the police force is corrupt and on the take doesn’t imply every officer is a crook.  There are teachers who molest children, is that to say that they all do?  I’d say not.  Christians have been burned at the stake, a pastor decorating the church where he pastors was beaten and  bloodied to near death a couple days ago in Highland, California.  He lays in a hospital bed in critical condition as I write this.  Does that prove that everyone hates Christians.  I didn’t think so.

If you want to point out the many hypocritical actions of Christians fine, but you might want to pull the plank out of your own eye while you are at it.  Its much easier to see things the way they are rather than the way you have convinced yourself they are when you judge yourself first—humility and kindness towards someone you may not agree with is much more attainable after a serious look at ones own sins.

We hear about nut jobs claiming to be Christians who blow up abortion clinics.  Make no mistake, I say it’s deplorable.  But what about the hate towards Christians who love others and provide housing for unwed mothers who need help instead of condemning them?  And as for a fanatical book series such as Left Behind and other stories with extra-biblical and unbiblical story lines—there are a whole host of us Christians who reject the ideas and worldview projected within the likes of Jerry Jenkins’ best selling collection.   

What is the fascination with proving Jesus Christ was a fictional character?  We don’t do that with other historical figures.  I don’t propose that because I don’t much appreciate what Benito Mussolini stood for that he therefore never existed. 

The historical evidence clearly proves that Jesus of Nazareth walked this earth some two-thousand years ago just as sure as the sun came up this morning.  And a movie (or series of movies for that matter)—won’t change the facts.   

  1. December 11, 2008 at 5:09 am

    There is a saying which goes something like this: Bidden or not bidden, God is here. God is always present despite those who say there is no God.

    We can all beleive whatever we want but there is only one truth.

    As believers, we know that Christ is the truth. Whether the world wants to acknowldge that as a fact or not does not change the truth.

    Jesus came to give light to a dark world. I thank God that I once was blind but now I see!


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