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the non-existence of God

478709165_54924f575dAtheists express their rage against God although in their view He does not exist.  -C. S. Lewis

If some guy wants to be the first man to fly a Cessna to the moon so be it, I won’t tell him that he’s border-line crazy—just insane.  Maybe someone will find a way to do it for all I know?  What I do know is this: I wouldn’t be the one to  try and stop the guy who decides to try.  I couldn’t stop him anyways.  Even if I had a shot at stopping him, I’d pass on getting in his way.  Just because I don’t believe that it can be done—doesn’t mean that I am right.  And besides, I don’t know jack squat about flying a Cessna and I don’t feel much like pretending I do.   

If you want to believe we owe our existence to slime, fine, but let me believe my own bunch of nonsense please.

Lee Strobel, former journalist and award-winning legal editor with The Chicago Tribune and atheist turned Christian, is a New York Times best-selling author of nearly twenty books.  He writes in The Case for a Creator:

Looking at the doctrine of Darwinism, which undergirded my atheism for so many years, I realized that I would have to believe that nothing produces everything, non-life produces life, randomness produces fine-tuning, chaos produces information, unconsciousness produces consciousness, and non-reason produces reason.  

I am sort of confused by those who don’t know God from a tadpole doing all kinds of talking about him.  

When will it stop—why the need to dis-prove the existence of someone you don’t believe in? 

Could the interest and obsession of the skeptics to show God as a fraud, a feel good story, or a dangerous scam—be explained as simply a demonstration of their care and concern for those of us who have been duped—or is there another reason they write books, make movies, and blog about him? 

  1. jmloquist
    December 17, 2008 at 1:14 am

    Came across your blog today like most do.

    What makes you think an Atheist is trying to prove your god wrong. I personally feel no reason to prove anything since it doesn’t exist in the first place. And to the books, movies and blogs – it is a funny comparison from a man who feels the need to blog about his faith (obviously because he must have doubts, otherwise he wouldn’t be trying to prove it here, correct.)

    Before you can say otherwise, yes, I’m correct. No one writes more about their faith or lack of than the Christian community, and by your standards, this must mean that they have doubts and feel the need to prove it and dupe the rest of us to prove it to themselves.

    Also, most Atheists know a lot more about the bible and god than the average, or even above average Christian, it is this knowledge and the realization of the contradictions and falsities the bible holds that has helped to bring them to their decision.

    Don’t throw stones.

  2. kenstoll
    December 18, 2008 at 5:22 pm

    thanks jmloquist for sharing your thoughts.

    I certainly can be wrong and proud. I also have doubts of my own, I am not sure I stated that I didn’t—I have many. I haven’t been privy to any proof that there is no God and it may just be that I need to look harder. My search has only led me to another conclusion. The order and beauty I see in nature and humanity only aids me in believing all the more in God, but you are entitled to believe what you wish.

    Again, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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