seen around blogdom #2

I hope everyone enjoyed some rest over the Christmas holiday.  I can say that I sensed the awesome presence of Christ once again (I never tire of him but only find myself wanting more and more).  I must say it again, God has been so good to me.  The Christmas Eve service at my church, Kensington Communtiy Church, was another moving tribute and testimony to the glory and wonder found only in our Savior come to earth.  I couldn’t help but weep during this song led by our music director Danny Cox (click on the play button to hear). 

Jared Wilson, pastor of Element (a missional Christian community in Nashville), has an excellent blog I have been frequenting of late—the gospel-driven church. 

Jonathan Christopher does a few blogs, which are each superb.  One of them is his ‘Stuff Christians Like’.  I found today’s post #467. Great Sex! Flat Abs! And Jesus! both funny and sobering (the posts are generally hilarious). 

No list of entries would be complete without a post from imonk—The Question is God; the Answer is Jesus. 

Over at the blog my younger brother and I are conversing at I have recently posted a piece in conjuction with a series of posts I intend to write tackling the bedrock doctrine of atonement—The Link Between Total Depravity and Justification. 

As ridiculous, unbelievable, and disgusting as it is—the porn industry is seeking a 5 billion dollar federal bailout reports CNN.

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