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Recovery Isn’t Perfection

Hi, my name is Ken, and I’m a recovering self-help junkie.

“The only true perfection available to us is the honest acceptance of our imperfection.” ~Richard Rohr

I’ll go one step further than Rohr—my true perfection is only found in Jesus.  Recovery for me isn’t perfection.  Recovery for me in a sense is the rejection of my perfection.  Perfection for me is a wicked mirage.  I have enough pressure with my day-to-day responsibilities, my job, my health concerns, the strains I cannot control on my relationships, and my finances.  Trying to live up to some state of perfection I can’t attain is a threat to any recovery I hope to maintain because it’s the carrot I never get.  

I have learned the hard way that to define success the way some extremists and narrow-minded approaches take is to threaten my sanity (and that’s pretty shaky ground as it is).  As imperfect as my recovery is—to define recovery as perfection is eventual and sure defeat.

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  1. Lori Johns
    December 27, 2009 at 7:47 pm

    My son told me the other day he doesn’t understand the quote “practice makes perfect” because no human being is perfect and nothing in this life is perfect. I am glad he realizes that at his age yet knows where true perfection is found. This reminds me about what I was thinking the other day about giving too much power to the people or circumstances in our lives when in reality Jesus is our future and only hope. When we raise the bar too high and expect more from others or ourselves, it usually leads to disappointments. (At least that is the way it usually turns out in my own life.) Instead of “practice makes perfect” I think we should practice acceptance of our imperfections and pray that Jesus will use them to help us grow. Good teaching Ken.

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