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New Years Unresolutions

Re-post from last year.

Hi, my name is Ken, and I’m a recovering self-help junkie.

When you tell God you’ll do something, do it — now. God takes no pleasure in foolish gabble. Vow it, then do it. Far better not to vow in the first place than to vow and not pay up.  ~Ecclesiastes c5 v4-5

While a number of Americans will be making vain and lofty resolutions tomorrow night I have decided it far better to draft my own list of unresolutions. 

As I land on the canvas of this dawning new year I will take a few moments to reflect on what God has done in my heart and life the past 365 days.  This year in passing I have failed miserably again in my own efforts to craft a better me and sanctify myself.  My resolutions to quit, change and start over have backfired. My promises to do better, do more, and in some cases do less—have all crashed and burned. I have seen more than my share of what man can do, it’s what God can do that I need to see more of.

One more year has served me notice that I’ve had my fill of building Ken’s own little kingdom.  All too often I neglect the plight of the poor, ignore the cry of the needy, marginalize the pain of the oppressed, overlook the forgotten, patronize the tossed aside, judge the spit upon, write-off the hopeless, abandon the old left to die, and forget the young denied the privilege to live. 

My silly resolutions can starve for all I care, what do they compare to the surpassing greatness of knowing Jesus Christ? For me, the passing of 2009 signals one less year I have left to touch others with the love of Christ.

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